danielthomascraig at gmail dot com

I am currently based in Berlin. I am open to playing gigs anywhere around Europe. Please contact me if you think you might be interested in having me play.

I also love to teach. I have around 15 years experience teaching drums, and I continue to teach this instrument. I have students ranging from beginner to more advanced levels.
I also teach electronic music production skills, whether it be how to use Ableton, Max MSP, mixing or compositional skills, sound design, live improvisation, etc. I tailor the lessons to your individual needs, projects or desires. I am always happy to take on new students, either for regular classes or one-off sessions.

I have experience mixing and mastering various albums.

I also have experience making Max MSP devices to meet the needs of various creative projects.

In addition, I have made music for film, installation and dance.
If you think I might be able to help you with your  project please drop me a line.