Daniel Craig mines the depths of the audio spectrum. Tangling a web across time, his low drones and high crackles are caught somewhere between stasis and anti-stasis. He is interested in feedback, tape manipulation, no input mixing, memory, audio vérité, non-linearity, decay, greyness, field recording, Max patching, improvisation, thinking about thinking and cats. At times his music has a beat, other times he is drawn more to beatless abstraction. In recent times, he has focused largely on developing ways to improvise in a live setting. By time you read this short ramble, dear reader, he may have found a new set of ideas that quicken his heart, rendering this list an awkward reminder of his former curiosities. 


Daniel has released two EPs under the name ‘Ripple’, and has performed at various festivals and events around Australia, such as Rainbow Serpent, Bojangles, Lucid Labyrinth, Tanglewood and The World Beyond. However, that project and the sounds associated with it now lay dormant, and due to the strange paralysis he feels about naming things he now plays under the name he received at birth. Since late 2016 he has been based in Berlin. In this unfamiliar new home he has been lucky enough to play at various venues and events, including Sacred Realism's Series (Studio Acht), Experimontag (Madame Claude), Noiseberg, Schrippe Hawaii (Bohemian Drips), Spektrum, Noiselab (at Teufelseberg), and Loophole.